Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2nd ultrasound

We had our 2nd ultrasound today and I was so relieved to get a peak at our babies again and see that everything (and everyone) is on track. The last 2.5 weeks we have been in Utah, so I couldn't have my follow-up any sooner. It was a busy and fun trip, but I was so anxious for the appointment. Every milestone we hit is major to me and helps me breathe a little easier. Our risk of miscarriage at this point is less than 5% and it will just keep going down.

I officially graduated from the RE today and will have my first OB appointment on Dec. 5 (seems forever away!). I have plenty to keep me busy though, because we are moving back to UT. I am headed back (by plane) in 9 days and then John will drive our car+all our stuff the next week.

Baby A measured 9w2d with a heart rate of 174 and Baby B is measuring 9w0d with a heart rate of 166. My doctor assured me that it is normal/ok to measure a couple of days apart and/or behind, so I am not worried. She said everything is progressing normally. I am anxious for my first appointment in UT and hopefully another peak at the babies. I will be having the NT screening on 12/6, so either way I will see them in a few weeks.

Here's the latest photo. She couldn't get a zoomed in shot of both at once, so she did a side-by-side photo for me.