Monday, October 21, 2013

First ultrasound

Today we had our first ultrasound. I was a little nervous going in, just hoping that baby would measure right on track and that we would see a little heartbeat.

John got to come in for the u/s and he could see the screen, but I could not. The tech asked me if how many embryos we transferred and I told her 2. She started the u/s and after a couple of minutes she said something like "yep, there they are" or something I couldn't quite hear and then told me she would be doing some more measurements of my ovaries, etc. So then I asked her if she did see the baby and she said yes and I said, "just one baby, right?" and she says, "no, 2 babies." And then I freaked out a little. She was so casual about it, like of course there are 2 babies. I was so shocked. Even though we did transfer 2, one of our embryos was lower quality and had some fragmentation, so it didn't have as high of probability for implantation. My initial blood hCG levels weren't crazy high or anything, so I was pretty sure it would be just one baby. Well, I was wrong.
2 sacs and 2 little heartbeats!
Both babies are measuring right on schedule at 6w3d and we saw two little heart beats. I don't remember the exact rates, but somewhere around 120-125bpm. There are 2 sacs, so they are fraternal twins, which means both our embryos implanted. I will have another u/s in 3 weeks to check their progress and then will "graduate" to an OBGYN after that.

We originally thought we would stay in MA for awhile still, but now we are planning to move back to UT pretty soon so I can start my prenatal care at 12 weeks and stay with the same OBGYN throughout the pregnancy, rather than having to switch part way through. Also because my sister and brother-in-law that have been living in our house now have the opportunity to help another family member and live in their house, so we don't want to hog the help and feel like we need to be close to family, especially now that we are having twins.

I am trying no to get too hung up on all the things that can still go wrong. They did tell me that 15% of early twin pregnancies go on to be a singleton due to a vanishing twin. We are hopeful that both babies will continue to grow strong though. It does mean that I will probably not make it to June for delivery and instead will have the babies sometime in May.


  1. I'm so excited for you! And excited you're coming back to Utah!

  2. My heart skipped a beat in excitement when I saw your ultrasound picture. Double the fun and congratulations. So so very happy for you!!

  3. HOORAY for TWINS!!! Wowzers! I am so happy for you guys!

  4. That is wonderful news! Two babies! I hope that you aren't too sick.